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Our solutions are as easy as 1-2-3

[Request & Discuss]

All you need is getting a clear mindset on what you want to achieve for your business. Do you want to boost your traffic ? Do you want to get more people to know about your brand ? Do you want a face-lift to your current website ? Or perhaps you are unsure how to go about it ? All you need to do is just like 1-2-3 .

  • [1] Client submits a request
  • [2] Project Team reviews client's request
  • [3] Project manager rings you for a quick chat

[Develop & Test]

Based on the requirements you gave us, we will get those converted into a design / prototype . We will continue to further develop once we got the green light from you . Do not have to worry what is happening at the back , we will get the codes all sorted out and you will just be presented visually friendly materials .

  • We have a pool of domain experts from different areas to take care of this
  • We always strive our best to keep you and your customers hassle free

[Deploy & Maintain]

Before any services go live , we will perform a series of tests to ensure the services are of highest quality possible and do not drive you on a bumpy road . Is this the end ? No ! All our clients' services will be monitored for the next 24 hours free-of-charge* . This is part of our company initiative to show our appreciation to our clients for which they have chosen us as their web and media solution provider .
An automated web monitoring system to keep track on your services status . Now , sit back , take a break and celebrate the joy .


What our clients think about us ?

“I tried to get our website Manager to sort out the SEO services i.e. including H1 Tags and advising us with the right keywords and meta tags but they just felt it was too much work. I am so glad that spoke the same IT language and handled all our SEO services in such a short time. I wish to take the opportunity to thank for doing such a great job. Really appreciate your services.”
Geraldine Buck, Business Owner, Apex Solutions PL - Perth, Australia (May 2013)

“I oversee Adrian's work from the initial literature review on SEO techniques, first proposal for the project in AIS, iterative and incremental implementation, testing, reporting, and final presentation. During the process I observed that Adrian is very professional. He is not only highly motivated, but also very smart, capable, and disciplined. He also has a sunny smile all the time which makes all the people around him feel happy. ”
Dr Jinglan Zhang, Senior Lecturer, Queensland University of Technology (November 2012) (Download the official document as proof of reference)

“Adrian is a diligent student who brings innovativeness and energy into the classroom. Adrian also displays an enormous enthusiasm to any environment he engages in. It is a privilege to have been his tutor.”
Matthew S (Certified Master Time Line Therapy™ Practitioner), Tutor, Queensland University of Technology (January 2013)

“I would highly recommend Adrian Chow. If his performance in my class is any indication of how he would perform in your organisation. Adrian will be a positive addition to your organization. ”
Dr Ayon Chakraborty, Post Doctoral Research Fellow, Queensland University of Technology (January 2013) (Download the official document as proof of reference)

“Adrian received compliments from all stakeholders for his competency, attitude, and achievements. Our feedback on his performance was positive from start to finish of the project. His final grade has yet to be notified but he performed well both academically and in a commercial setting. Adrian was a pleasure to work with at all times and demonstrated the knowledge, skill level and professional attitude required to successfully complete such a SEO project to a high standard. ”
Graham Willet, Director,
CEED Program Queensland (November 2012) (Download the official document as proof of reference)

“Had a pleasure to work with Adrian in 2012. Adrian joined our existing team as a Project Leader for a challenging on-stie SEO. The task was completed successfully and on time. Looking forward for a opportunity to work with Adrian once again.”
Valeria Orlingis, Production Manager of Residential Electrolysers,
Australian Innovative Systems Pty Ltd (November 2012)

“... has been optimizing our Company's web site for search engine (so when someone searches for water disinfection our web site is one of the first in the search results) which delivered great results and real value for money. Adrian is an IT expert in web development & optimization with an outstanding presentation, communication, project planning and project management skills. ”
Alexander Volobuev, Production Manager of Commercial Electrolysers, Australian Innovative Systems Pty Ltd (November 2012)

“Brolga Project worked with Adrian in the first half of 2012, where he helped develop a website for a searchable database of students who are looking for work in rural and regional Australia. Adrian assisted by helping manage the team of four other Information Technology students, working alongside Brolga Project administration.
Without doubt Adrian 'knows his stuff'. He is never short of an authoritive and informed answer for any question, and his promptness and professionalism when replying to emails really has to be seen to be believed – it is almost instant.”

Richard Cowley, Founder (Manager), The Brolga Project (June 2012) (Download the official document as proof of reference)

“Adrian has proven himself working on our account through Website Solutions, where the work scope involves revamps and regular updates of three corporate websites. Adrian's ability and work meets our high standards and expectations. We can rely on Adrian to carry out his work professionally and quickly. He has a good attitude, is reliable and is often proactive in handling the needs of our account, which is much appreciated. ”
Vanessa Loong, Group Corporate Affairs, Hap Seng Management Services Sdn Bhd (March 2012)

“Adrian is one guy who is so passionate in what he does, i think he works around the clock and he even replies my emails when he's on a holiday!! I appreciate your fast turn-around time in replying my queries and that put me in assurance that things are in good hands. Thanks for handling the hosting migration of my website, and making sure that everything is transfered completely. Also for paying attention to the little minute details that most hosting companies would have just ignored. I have used other hosting companies before and nothing beats Adrian's customer service, he knows what he's doing and he gets things done on time!! ”
Sher Li Heng, Business Development Manager, People Coaching Works S/B (February 2012)

“I saw JFook's fan page said, Web Solution helped him with his blog skin and hosting, so I checked out the website and I thought, they could help me with my blog! I must say,help was fast! Very efficient! The team led by Adrian was awesomem my blog is back to normal and I am so happy. I would definitely spread the word on Web Solution. ”
Anita Joyce, A Very Happy Blogger, ​babybloom27.blogspot.​com

“We are impressed with the simplicity in design your firm implemented on to our hotel website, the pictures were far better looking on the web rather those we provided. too has a great team behind and of course everything was so systematic and simple with the new Manager App -”
YL Chin, Business Development Manager, CKS Hotel Sdn Bhd (September 2012)

“The service, Email Blasting Services [Consultation & Solution - SMTP Relay], We're satisfied with your service.  Thanks for such an efficient service! We appreciate the special support and rates rendered to an NGO like ours.”
Shu Yi Tan & Pei Shee Lee, Marketing and Communications, World Vision Malaysia (August 2012)

“All my problem had been solve for asp hosting.You supported me out of your job scope which was only PHP and Linux. I appreciate it. Thanks ”
KS Cho, Partners,

“Adrian works as the project manager, to deal with our customers. In each web maintenance request sent by the customer, Adrian tries to understand the requirement and then start to work on the changes. Cost estimation will be given to customer and follow up has to be done. Adrian handles it professionally, quick and in time. You may read on our website to know more about Adrian. He does write up too for our website on technological news and keeps our customers updated to what is happening in the IT world. Customers enjoy working with him and as his supervisor, we have confident in him”
EarnPin, Founder, Website Solution Sdn Bhd (October 2011) (Download the official document as proof of reference)

"Superb! The quality of work and attention to detail both Adrian and his team displayed throughout the entire design process, was extremely impressive. Their ability to create a professional and cleanliness website from a bunch of text we gave them was especially impressive."
Peter, Founder of KCComp Networking (November 2009)

"Adrian is very easy and straightforward to work with. He solves problems very fast and he listens to the client's needs. He is also a very good communicator, conversations with him are very clear and transparent. I am very happy with his work."
Jenny Kok, Founder of (January 2011)

" Web Design Services was hired by Metro Optical Group (MOG) on a project based web-design in designing our corporate webpage recently. The webpage was successfully launched at early September 2009 … responsible from drafting to the launching of the webpage entirely. Besides getting the content and visuals from MOG, he has sourced out numerous other inputs and ideas in making the webpage interesting and exciting. … performed his work exceptionally at all times. He was an idea giving person; proposes great many things to make the webpage functional and user-friendly. He is prompting in getting things done at given time frame, not to mention his follow-up was great. … is a person who can get things done and delivers with results. It is with great pleasure that I highly recommend Adrian for the position for which he applies."
Grace Gan, General Manager of MOG Eyewear (September 2009)

" has been one of my frequent visiting blog and a friend that learn that he does quite a well website design at reasonable price based on his portfolios and testimonials. is a very enthusiastic web design firm despite being freelance and new in the market. Being friendly is also a plus point as we can negotiate and exchange ideas. By just one meet up which is more than essential to them, they are fast in bringing up the website layout and a draft within a day. This reflects its efficiency and speed in delivering what is promised. "
Jun Fook, Web Master of Golden Key Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)

“Thanks Adrian, your idea for using images as alternatives is good. You do think differently. ”
Nicholas Stone, Founder ofNS Designs (September 2010)

“Hello , this is the comment on the hosting and migration service you guys provided to get out from my previous tricky and not reliable hosting !! The previous instructions given wasn’t really straight forward as I’m new in this . Personal assistance arrived promptly . Help was really useful as I got everything done in a few hours to get my site migrated and back live . Communication was not a problem at all . Everything went very well and smooth. Thank you Adrian !.”
YinShi, Blog Owner, (August 2010)

“All looks good, simple and straight forward. Looking forward to our next attempt.”
Aasimudin Shamaan, M. Director, OGP-Nova (January 2010)

“Adrian, you are super fast and thanks for everything. Web hosting is ready and you are great. Fast support!”
Loo FS, Blog Owner,

“I feel lucky because I still have friends such as Adrian-The owner of to guide me a little on the blog. Seriously, I am not that pro in editing the existing template that you can download.Million thanks to him. ”
Nic Chin, Debater / Webmaster, UTHM Chinese Debate Team